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Squape: The more we get together, the happier we’ll be!

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be, ‘Cause your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends….I could totally imagine Barney rocking that song. And after a quick visit to youtube, I found him doing exactly that!

But what might that song look like in real life? Seems that the startup team at Squape has some idea! Launched in just 2 days at HackSantiagoSquape is a startup out of Santiago, Chile founded by Patricio Jimenez (23), José Albornoz (18) and Felipe Cabargas (20) that makes it easier to spend more time with the people you love in the places you love.

Squape is a tool that allows you to find places to live, work and play according to your interests.



Who’s behind Squape?

Patricio Jimenez, José Albornoz and Felipe Cabargas are the guys who launched Squape over the course of 48 hours at HackSantiago. Patricio currently serves as the IT Geek manager at Start-Up Chile, and is in charge of dealing with all the back-end and front-end tasks of Start-Up Chile websites, to improve the experience entrepreneurs receives during the web process. José Albornoz aka “eljojo”, is based in Chillán, Chile and works at SoyChile. He just finished high-school and is ready to relocate to Santiago to start the university and build deeper relationships with Santiago’s startup scene. Finally, Felipe Cabargas did the visual design work and it’s the editor on HolaGeek and Patatuk.

Problem it solves?

When people rent places in neighborhoods that doesn’t fit with their personal interests and demographics. e.g. If you’re a musician, it would be great to rent a place where more rockstars and musicians live and you know it is ok to practice music without having people call the police every time your band has practice.

Who’s your competition?

Portal Inmobiliario and Airbnb are companies that are involved in the same market in Chile and worldwide; however, we would like to partner with them to provide a deeper experience for the end-user, instead of becoming competitors. While those companies allow users to search based on fees, Squape allow users to search based on their personal interests. Coming next we’ll provide real-time search to check the availability of each place.

Service provided by the hack

Squape provides a free service for people that are willing to find a place in a neighborhood according to their personal interests. In 48 hours, the team also developed a mobile version, giving you the chance to check places right on the ground.

Homepage: “nightlife” on Providencia


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