¡CHILENOS start up Chile! ¿Cierto?

Editor’s Note: This post was inspired by Joaquín Dufeu co-founder of GiveO2.

Chileno HOMBRES….it appears that some of you have gotten a little bit caught up in the excitement of AndesBeat and don’t even know what it REALLY is (sincerely, thank you for your support)! Las mujeres Chilenas entienden todos perfecto, pero Chileno hombres…no entienden, nada, jejeje.

So this is the deal, Chilenos have been sending us referrals of startups to feature on the AndesBeat site, but they never recommend their own startup or other Chileno founded startups.

What up with that, chicos?

So I decided to write this post to share more about the inspiration and vision behind AndesBeat. Never mind my wild and crazy Castellano and extremely dark humor.  You know I love you mucho, Chilenos. Ya, listo! Continue reading

AndesBeat and Ciencia Joven prepares Chile’s youngest startup research apprentices

This week is the Kimlu Scientific Camp (for teens) in Viña del Mar, Chile. The annual Kimlu Scientific Camp is hosted by Ciencia Joven, one of Chile’s leading science academies for young people.

Each year, Kimlu hosts 30 talented youth with high technical and scientific aptitude, from around the country to participate in their weeklong intensive program.

On January 8, 2012, Carlos Leiva (AndesBeat co-founder) and I are absolutely ecstatic to be among their distinguished speakers and furthermore to have the opportunity to mentor and work alongside Chile’s next generation of scientists/doctors and researchers. Continue reading

Techolab announces winners in its debut competition (Part 2 of 2)

Editors Note: This is Part 2 of a 2 part post. Part 1 introduces Techolab, Latin America’s Largest Open and Social Innovation Platform.


Techolab, Latin America’s largest open and social innovation network and incubator has successfully completed its first contest ‘Desafío Clave’ (Key Challenge),  sponsored by INJUV. Three winners, selected out of a pool of nearly 800 applicants, walked away with $60,000 USD each to further research and build out their respective projects.

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Squape: The more we get together, the happier we’ll be!

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be, ‘Cause your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends….I could totally imagine Barney rocking that song. And after a quick visit to youtube, I found him doing exactly that!

But what might that song look like in real life? Seems that the startup team at Squape has some idea! Launched in just 2 days at HackSantiagoSquape is a startup out of Santiago, Chile founded by Patricio Jimenez (23), José Albornoz (18) and Felipe Cabargas (20) that makes it easier to spend more time with the people you love in the places you love.

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Loogares.com online entertainment guide nears 10,000 reviews

Loogares.com was founded by friends, Nicolás Brown (Commercial Engineer), Alberto Marcías (Designer) and Jordi Casanueva (Designer) while traveling in a modded out van (photo at left) in the north of Chile. The details of that evening are a little fuzzy, so I am not sure if they were riding in the Scooby Mobile (Mystery Machine), but insiders tell me they were definitely on a wild and crazy adventure. Traveling on a bootstrapper’s time and budget, they wanted to make the most of their travel experience. Thus, after intensely discussing is their an app for that….startup mode set in.

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It’s Midnight Madness in Chile: Propiedad Facil is Now Live!

Guess what the startup fairy in Chile just brought us???

News that the winner of the 2011 InnovaBBVA, Propiedad Facil (Easy Property), is NOW LIVE!

Big congrats you guys!

Launched in Chile but created by co-founders Guillermo Horno and Adrian Fisher out of Argentina, Propiedad Facil was created to help simplify the process for paying or receiving rent. Utilizing their online management tool, property owners can collect payments and easily manage their properties online. It also gives tenants the ability to use a convenient access card to pay their rent along with the rest of their bills. They can make payments at a host of retail stores, check cashing places at ATM machines among others (currently only available in select cities).

In Chile, Propiedad Facil has secured relationships so that tenants can pay their bills securely and conveniently through WebPay Card, Ripley, Banco de Chile, BCI, BancoEstado, Santander, TBanc and more.

Propiedad Facil CoFounders Guillermo Horno (l) and Adrian Fischer (r)

HackSantiago Kicks Off Today

For all you Chileno HackerNews junkies who spend your days in the cloud and your nights in Github, this weekend is HackSantiago. This 48 hour programming marathon will take place at Co-Work, which is a modern designed coworking space based in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago. Expect to see some of the best programmers and developers in the Santiago metropolitan area showing off their design and development skills under pressure.

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