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Do Future Series at EmprendeUC: From Research to Innovation

EmprendeUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) co-producers of the Do Future documentary, is proud to present its next installment of their “Do Future” series. Do Future is aimed at showcasing the work that is being evolved through the convergence of Silicon Valley with Chile’s emerging entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the Atacama Valley.

The event will be held on Tuesday, January 3,  2012 at 09:00 hrs., at the Aula Magna Manuel José Irarrázabal (1st Floor Central House UC). On this occasion their international guests, featuring, Kathleen Eisenhardt, will speak on “Strategies for innovation in technology-based companies“.

Kathleen is co-director of Stanford University STVP Program and a professor at the School of Engineering. Her research strategy is associated with uncertainty and organizations, as well as high speed and changing markets. In the ‘Do Future’ themed talks, entitled “De la investigación a la innovación” (From research to innovation)”, the following guest speakers will also be featured:

– Mr. Juan Larrain, UC Vice President for Research, “Research and Innovation at UC.”
– Mr. Paul Irarrázaval, UC Engineering Professor and founding partner of Spin Off Tekemi, “Role of the researcher in technology based entrepreneurship: Case  Study: Tekemi spin-off.”
– Dr. Alejandro Corvalan, Avonni Prize winner in Medicine, “Research and innovation in life sciences: biomarkers for early detection of cancer.”


This information comes courtesy: EmprendeUC Communications Department