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AndesBeat Reveals Start-Up Chile’s 40 LatAm companies selected for the 3rd round 2011

A few weeks ago Start-Up Chile announced its list of 100 selected startups for round 3 of their program. From a total of 100 new startups, 40 were from Latinamerica (and 27 from Chile.. the same amount selected in the second round of 2011).

Wonder what they do? So did we!

And after noticing that all the tech websites pretty much recycled Start-Up Chile’s original post of ‘The List’, we decided to dig a little deeper. Following is a brief description of each that we discovered through our infamous night owl multi-language research. Some of the projects are arbitraged ideas. Others are original. But all are uniquely LatAm inspired and led! Vamos!

Note to all our awesome Latin American startup founders:


Congratulations on being selected for Start-Up Chile! Know that you are pioneering the next generation of startup thought leaders and managing partners of venture capital firms in LatAm.

Second, several of you don’t have a website or an easy way to find you.

Any startup founder with a technology based product/service (selected for Start-Up Chile or not) is in the global marketplace which means you need to be easily found by potential INVESTORS, CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS and of course the MEDIA!

So if you don’t have a website yet, please set up a damn Landing Page at the very least (literally takes a few minutes)!
Once you have completed this task, leave your landing page url in the comments section so that we can update this post.

Third, don’t forget to reach us hello (at) andesbeat (dot) com if there are any changes you need to make to your startup name, pitch, or if you want us to profile your company in an upcoming article on AndesBeat.

Thank you kindly good people!

As for everybody else, we’d love to know know what you think about our LatAm startups.

Check the list:


  1. Apparel DreamApparel Dream is a “99designs for fashion” that allows you to find a certain apparel by simply providing a description, the amount of money your willing to pay and how long you are willing to wait – then Fashion designers and tailors around the world make a proposal to meet your needs.
  2. wants to avoid bill printing from industry and thus provides a virtual solution for you to store your bills.
  3. BiometryCloud
    Cloud based pattern recognition web-APIs for mobile devices. They specialize in facial recognition and charge a monthly subscription fee dependent on the amount of faces enrolled
  4. Boardganics
    Manufacture of custom-made and serial-production Colihue boards for ski, snowboard and surf. They offer customers the chance to create their own boards and cater to their specific needs with different shapes, sizes, flexibility and designs
  5. BookingMarkets
    Launch your own accommodations website!
  6. CityVoz
    CityVoz is a multilingual online travel and business listing information portal that is helping to promote tourism and commerce in Chile and throughout Latin America.
  7. Compound Time
    Compound Time is like Nike+ for your music practice.
  8. DNART Limitada
    DNArt pioneered the application of genetic science. Their flagship products includes a Start up project of a kit of human genotyping by High Resolution Melting, a more efficient technology in cost (60%) and time (80%).
  9. EC-Electro-Chlorinator
    Low-cost, portable, and reliable water purification device that utilizes electrolysis to produce a chlorine solution from simple salt water.Operating on very low power, the Electro-Chlorinator can provide families with reliable access to safe water.
  10. Fly Fishing Hunter
    Fly-Fishing Hunter is an internet platform where Fly Fishing Lodges can sell their programs in an easy and effective way, with the opportunity to give the right information to consumers in one place.
  11. Fountainhead Technologies
    Fountainhead Technologies is an electronic liquidity provider. They provide continuous two-sided markets in order to facilitate price discovery and help maintain orderly, liquid, transparent markets for investors.
  12. IguanaBee in China
    IguanaBee bridges western game developers and the growing and lucrative market of China. They provide full localization of western games to fit the Chinese market.
  13. MangaCorta
    MangaCorta is the ‘Threadless’ of LatAm. Their crowdsourcing web platform joins T-Shirt designers with customers. Designers are able to upload their designs to their website, and each time their designs are sold they earn a commission.
  14. Mas Con Movil
    MasConMovil aspires to be the largest provider of specialty mobile solutions to the retail sector first in Chile and subsequently in Latin America. They offer simple, convenient and cost-effective solutions and provide Barcode, QR, MT and POS technologies.
  15. is a video bookmarking network where you can watch, follow and share your favorite video content on the web.
  16. MyStream
    Pandora for your social calendar.
  17. NECU Solutions
    Information Management Company providing a centralized customer information service that automates the flow of client personal data between customers and financial services providers required for product application processes.
  18. Nibu
    Creating a profitable free WiFi network around the world.
  19. PataFoods
    Natural, healthy, organic baby food for conscious parents.
  20. RapaZapp interactive studios
    RapaZapp is a full service white label interactive media and outsourcing development company, whose goal is to offer leading services and technology development solutions for online games and interactive media, mobile devices and social networks.
  21. Statoom
    Edoome emulates social networks user experience on educational environments. Users receive real time notifications on any event occurred on their courses. Edoome democratize VLE’s access through a non-cost model.
  22. Vanilla
    Vanilla is a user interface for touch surfaces that will change the way people interact with content. Vanilla lets you access, organize and share what you like in a smarter way.
  23. Hadza
  24. Witoi
    Witoi is the first mall online in Latin America, allowing to initiate a free webstore in 60 seconds.
  25. WOAUPI
    Right next to us there is an amazing world hidden and almost inaccessible to us humans. WOAUPI opens a window to anybody using a mobile or internet connection to discover in real time the amazing beauty beneath oceans.
  26. Xpoints
  27. is an application that allows managers, CEOs or directors of medium and large companies to visualize results in real time. It is an absolute graphic interface that provides key information fast, customizable, and user friendly.

……and since we’re AndesBeat and promoting LatAm led startups is how we roll, the list would obviously be incomplete if we did not include a review of the other startups selected from Latin America. Here we go!


28. Fanwards is a mobile platform that gives you rewards for being a fan (of your favorite brands).

29. Latinda is the largest mobile content platform for Latin America. Discover, download and share your world.

30. P2P Carsharing P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Car Sharing is kinda like Zipcar but with a bootstrapped fleet of cars. :-P Vehicle owners can make their cars available for rent to others in the network for a short period of time.

31. Tomo Clases Learn what you want. Teach what you know. Tomo classes is the most comprehensive directory of online classes in Latin America.


32. Rutanet (transport) is an online community that allows carriers (freight/tractor trailers, etc) to find additional loads to avoid empty trips, and allows senders to find carriers that meet your needs. Rutanet solution was created for more efficient transport, saving energy, time and reducing waste and pollution.


33. GULP

34. Qualiall specializes in the development of technology for training safety to reduce workplace accidents.

35. SI2 – Sistema de Informação do Investidor A portal that allows investors to monitor and make more informed decisions in the Brazilian capital market.


36. IT6


37. Papaya.Pe  Latin America’s leading movie review site, includes new releases, trailers and industry news.


38. Every day, Cuponzote presents an exclusive offer of the best things to do, eat and shop in your community.

39. Echopixel Technologies Inc. Develops and commercializes digital imaging and computer aided detection technology for use in medical related industries in the USA.

40. SeedShock is a software startup that aimes to bring real life experiences into the online world and social networks.


Via: 100 Startups Selected to Comprise Third Generation!

Featured image credits: Annais