Dear Chile: Thank you. Sincerely, Silicon Valley

An insightful Huffington Post article entitled, “Why Silicon Valley Should Write Chile a Much Deserved Thank You Note” piqued the attention of our AndesBeat team recently. Read the full article here.

In the article, Patrick McGinnis, a New York-based investor and entrepreneur, insightfully remarks on what we here in Chile have known all along: That US entrepreneurs have derived significant benefits from the world-renowned Start-Up Chile accelerator program. In his article, Patrick notes that: “For businesses with global ambitions, Chile serves as a low-costs laboratory where a team can test and refine its value proposition.” Continue reading

Establishing Health 2.0 in Chile – Tech, Innovation, and the Doctors that Provide the Care

Editors Note: This guest post comes courtesy of Michael Granados, one of the co-founders and Head of Product Design at MedkoFeel free to send your guest posts to

As Santiago’s entrepreneurial hub continues to grow, thanks in large part to the efforts of Start-up Chile, more and more young companies in Latin America are revolutionizing one of society’s most import needs — healthcare. Continue reading

Nubelo closes seed investment round for $1.3M and acquires Prolancer, a Brazilian competitor

Founded in November of 2011, Nubelo is now the leading freelance marketplace in Latin America with operations in 11 countries in the region. It has over 102,600 users, 85,000 active freelancers on their platform and nearly 13,000 freelance jobs published at a value of over 5,000,000 Euros.

After participating in the 5th generation of the Start­Up Chile program, Nubelo has been profiled as one of the program’s most promising participants.

Today Nubelo announces the closing of a new investment round of $1.3M from local investors, lead by Nazca Ventures and supported by La Caixa Capital Risk, Finaves, and South Ventures. Continue reading

Start-Up Chile and Start-Up Brazil combined demo day

Monday, September 28, 2013 kicks-off a friendly match between two South American rival countries, Chile and Brazil, but their global stage won’t be a soccer field, it will be a stage for startups to present to a group of global investors. The respective countries have joined together to bring forth their best startups to showcase some of the best in Latin America’s growing startup and tech ecosystem.

We at AndesBeat recognize many of the Chilean startups presenting and have covered quite of few of them here during their very early stages of launching.

I’m so excited to represent Start-Up Chile and be part of the top 10 best projects of Latam to really show and compete for the entrepreneurial cause.
– Nick Martelanz Founder & CEO at Motion Displays and member of SUP Chile Generation 2

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Start-Up Chile ‘Demo Battle’: Take 1

In the world of startups, there is NO TIME, like SHOW TIME, when all that you live and die for day in and day out has to be summed up in about ‘5 minutes’.

For many startup founders, the live ‘Pitch’ is one of the most anticipated but scariest moments in their startup life span whether it is to a future client or a potential investor.

So Start-Up Chile’s newest initiative, Demo Battle, hopes to make this experience a little more comfortable for startups to truly shine when it matters most.  And in the process, strengthen the skill that many entrepreneurs in Chile (and the world over) struggle with – refining and mastering their pitch!

An original creation born out of the offices of Start-Up Chile, Demo Battle will showcase two startups in a 3 round competition.

In the inaugural competition to be hosted at Centro Cultural Amanda, on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:30 pm, Backyard Brains will face off against Motion Displays. Continue reading

‘Changing the World’ with the power of one share and Start-Up Chile Generation #2

All of Chile’s startup and entrepreneurship community (mas o menos) thought it was impossible, but Start-Up Chile Generation #2 was up for the challenge and they accomplished an insanely crazy thing – they made me see the potential of the greater good of Start-Up Chile.

And as some of them begin their exit from Chile and move on to their next adventure, I have to admit, I am actually going to miss them!!!

How unbelievable is that? (even co-founder rockin’ hard to the core boy is still in shock and got one of his wishes today)!

As of now, while it is neither here nor there, I can tell you this much, even after giving him the ‘Shoni Start-Up Chile Smackdown’, (think everyone knows the drill), the ‘Romanian boy’, Denis Todirica, Glazeon, (pictured), Start-Up Chile Generation #2 ‘Fearless Leader’, did not ignore me nor was he afraid to get in my ‘personal space’. The boy got nerves of steel, I tell you!!!

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Tomorrow the Chilean government sponsored program, Start-Up Chile, will host Chile’s first ever demo day featuring 32 Start-Up Chile teams that represent 16 countries. Gran éxito y suerte a todos!

The competing teams have fought and clawed their way through 6 months of startup combat intensive training and madness in exchange for 3 minutes on the big stage to pitch their dream in front of top investors and startup thought leaders from around the world including Jonathan Nelson, of Hackers & FoundersArne van Oosterom, of Design Thinking and Bedy Yang, Venture Partner at 500 Startups.

Here is the lowdown on the event extracted from the Start-Up Chile website:

Start-Up Chile invites you [including the general public and supporters of entrepreneurship] to the first large-scale event held in Latin America where investors from around the world will meet entrepreneurs from Start-Up Chile [as interpreted and edited by Shoni] and its projects in order to generate new partnerships and creating and fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in our country!!!

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Start-Up Chile Executive Director Jean Boudeguer Resigns

Today is Jean Boudeguer‘s last day as Start-Up Chile Executive Director (or so we’ve heard).

Boudeguer joined Start-Up Chile in October 2010, when the pilot program brought 22 startups from 14 countries to Chile, providing them with US$40,000 of equity-free seed capital, and a temporary 1-year visa to develop their projects for six months. Continue reading

IguanaBee buzzes into the game localization market for China

Back in mid 2010 after I read that Playstation had announced the localization of their games for the Latin America market I thought that this would inevitably kick off a cross-pollination of indie game designers and apps.

And it appears that Chilean indie game developers IguanaBee were affirming it in real time.

From developing augmented reality games for consumer based brands to 3D audio games for blind gamers, they are going to the outer boundaries of niche markets in the gaming world. Their next stop…China.

Dongzhe Sun from China (featured in photo above), will be in Chile supporting IguanaBee in China for 6 months.

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