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Geeks fantasy becomes real as Chilean startups arrive in Silicon Valley

Conceptualized by Santiago, Chile IncubaUC (Entrepreneurship Incubator at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and co-produced in conjunction with U.S. based 3 Day Startup, Geek Fantasy Camp brought together a random group of entrepreneurial minded professional people with the objective to launch a startup in 5 days and 2 nights.

The winning teams as determined by a group of international investors, accomplished entrepreneurs and co-founders of 3 Day Startups were awarded a trip to Silicon Valley and will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors based in the Valley. They will be traveling in Silicon Valley February 5 to March 6, 2012 and AndesBeat will be tracking their journey and milestones from their trip.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take breakfast with the teams and IncubaUC directors at the lovely Santiago, Chile international airport before their flight took off. As to be expected, the group was emotionally charged and ready to get their Silicon Valley networking groove on. We talked about the startup scene in Chile, the 7 ‘most interesting’ startups from 500 Startups Demo Day, their excitement about meeting Dave McClure and they offered lots of ‘constructive feedback’ about AndesBeat. I took it in stride, knowing what would be in store for them less than 24 hours later when they arrived in Silicon Valley. ¡Buena suerte! jejeje


Meet the startups


Team Members:  Joaquín Dufeu, Jorge Chartier, Cristián Alejandro Schalper Sepúlveda 

GiveO2 is a mobile application that allows consumers to automatically measure their carbon footprint (walking, jogging, public transportation, biking, etc). It also allows the purchase of carbon credits to offset this footprint directly from their mobile devices.

They are currently finishing the second prototype for iPhone, which is expected to be released in late March. The application will be offered for the iPhone and Android.

Note: GiveO2 was not present at the airport as they are currently in NYC (USA) as part of the Kairos Global Summit 2012. They were one of the teams recognized as one of Kairos Top 50 global startups to watch. The award was issued by the Kairos Society. They will be joining the teams in San Franciso on February 6, 2012.


Team Members: Juan Carlos Guaqueta Hernández (Colombia), Francisco Ceruti

FashionRanks is a microblogging site focused on women and fashion, were brands can improve their branding through social leaders in facebook, twitter and our own social network in exchange of money per effective click of their fans in their posts/tweets.


Team Members: Rodolfo Ignacio del Valle Carrasco

Impresionantes is a cloud-based remote printing system. Users can send their documents via the Web, Smartphone or even send as an attachment in an email. You can then pick up your print job at any point, which can be a self-service kiosk, a cafe, university, etc.


Team Members: Daniel Atik, Mauricio Henriquez, Ivan Aravena Baez

Lukkin takes your Life Now and makes it your Life Legacy by combining a mobile web technology platform with Geo-Social and Geo-Marketing components.

The platform unifies the most relevant and popular social networks integrating them all on just one interface, making it easy for users to explore everything from either the web or a smartphone: look around the city, find interesting places, discover what is near them, and much more.

Users can add places to the map, share their location with friends and family, plan trips and hangouts, as well as compare prices of products and services, and find offers nearby.

Also, users can comment on and recommend places, so that the information becomes more valuable on social basis.


Team Members: Pablo Alberto Saba Aramayo

We Hack It! (formerly Groupal)

Team Members: Diego Araos

We Hack It! was created by Diego Araos who I am beginning to think is completely off the chain and we need to start watching a little more closely. He was the recent winner of Santiago’s Hackathon. He developed a joystick app in Node.js in just under 3 hours. He recently launched from an idea he and his peers conceptualized at a Hackathon. And now, I am told that he and Guillermo Horno (Propiedad Facil), volunteered their time and up until the 23rd hour was going through all the Geek Fantasy Camp teams prototypes and finding bugs in their coding.

We Hack It! is a portal that allows developers and designers to connect with people around the world to create and participate in projects hackathon-style, allowing them to share knowledge and create new technologies. 

WeHackIt! centralizes and delivers all the tools needed to develop team projects: task management, messaging, file storage for the project, all in real time. It is a new and fun way to develop projects without having to be physically with your team.

Get Your App in Gear!!!

Geek Fantasy Camp Returns to Santiago, Chile in April 11-15, 2012
(Applications open February 15th, 2012)!

Marcelo Diaz Bowen is the Executive Director of IncubaUC and Luis Duarte Romero is the Entrepreneurship Broker/Business Development Manager and are the visionaries behind many of IncubaUC’s cutting edge programs launched out of the incubator.

Want to join them on an upcoming trip to Silicon Valley?

Then submit your app for the 2nd Geek Fantasy Camp TODAY!
Entrepreneurs, lawyers, designers, developers with or without a business idea can apply.

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