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2 Brazilian Finalists in DevCup 2012!

Evernote, a U.S. founded company, which allows users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms recently hosted its 2nd annual competition branded ‘DevCup’.

The DevCup competition aims to discover developers and inspire new apps based on Evernote software and supporting new features within the Evernote platform.

The DevCup essentially builds a collaborative ‘open source’ community that will allow them to choose the best software developments, which will surely contribute to improve Evernote’s overall user experience and continue to maintain and grow their client base.

Congrats Evernote for allowing your long-time fans and community to be a part of creating your future.

The deadline for signing up for this competition recently ended with the Evernote team receiving hundreds of applications from around the world including Asia and Latin America. This resulted in the overwhelming challenge of having to decide on only 5 finalists.

While no teams from Chile made it to the finals, we were happy to see South America featured among the global talent, represented by our neighboring startup community in Brazil.

Big shout out and congrats to EV from Brazil


The team behind the EV application loves Evernote. And they believe that many people throughout the globe share this sentiment. But what if people didn’t have a smartphone to access Evernote? This was the case for the majority of the people living in their home country of Brazil, which they guesstimated to be around 84% of the population who still used traditional mobile handhelds. Then they thought of the same challenge in other parts of the world such as Asia orAfrica. That AHA led them to create an app for that!

With their “EV” application anyone who has a mobile device that can send and receive text messages can still enjoy their Evernote. The app allows user to have access to your Evernote account on your phone via SMS and also allows them to write notes, search in existing notes or schedule reminders.


The other 4 finalists are:

EverClip (Hong-Kong)

KustomNote (USA)

LiveMinutes (USA)

PlaceMe (USA)


Spotwish Go is the 6th finalist


Spotwish Go! from Brazil which was voted for by the public was started as a simple web application in 2011 now developed into a version for Android. The whole project is currently accelerated in Wayra, Telefónica’s startup accelerator in Brazil. Simultaneously, the DevCup serves as a great motivator. The SpotwishGo! team is working hard in full time, even on holidays, planning on making the app available on Google Play during the Evernote Trunk Conference (see below).

Our intention is to connect people for real and there’s more to come in the following months”, says Spotwish’s CEO João Otero.

But what already holds true now it that it has never been so easy to schedule your activities or get-togethers with your friends like it is using SpotwishGo! Comments as well as pictures can be added to the event and once the event is over, this application automatically saves all the information concerning this event in your Evernote account. How handy!

Next steps: The Evernote Trunk Conference

All of the finalist-teams will be invited to join the Evernote Trunk Conference on August 24th in San Francisco. They will present their projects in detail and compete to win one of the three prices: 20 thousand dollars for the first, 15 for the second and 5 for the third winner.

Conference audience will help to decide on the winner

So if you want to be able to vote, too, purchase your ticket now.