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Clouli’s new network leads Latin America into the ‘Age of Knowledge’

Clouli‘s (Cloud + Liberty) new e-learning platform, created under the direction of Sergio Ionele Povea Sáez, former CEO of the award winning Goin Entertainment, is designed with the intention to help Latin Americans ‘free their mind’ through knowledge co-creation and shared experiences.

Based out of Temuco, the capital of the Araucania Region IX (in the south of Chile), also further reaffirms the breadth of startup talent emerging from outside of Chile’s capital city.

Intended to be a mashup that blends the creativity, depth,  infiniteness and design side of TED with the crowdsourced insightful responses of Quora, it appears that Clouli is setting the foundation to support its home country of Chile, in increasing and scaling its human capital knowledge base and talent pool.

Currently Chile only invests approximately 0.2% of its GDP into human capital development although the government of Chile is actively working to increase that percentage. And like many countries in Latin America, lacking critical mass in terms of the size of the population and lack of English speakers, makes it difficult to attract diverse talent and experts in specialized and niche areas from outside the region.

The Clouli team is hoping to bridge this gap by sourcing Spanish speaking experts from around the world to share their knowledge with the Clouli community via their virtual classroom and conference stage.

Clouli Mission

Backed by a $50,000 USD investment, Clouli’s platform (currently in development for the launch of private beta) will provide a Spanish language portal that will encourage and support the co-creation of knowledge, transfer of experience and provide a collaborative space for knowledge hungry ‘teachers and students’ among all specialized areas and educational levels.

“We are a group of friends who always spend time talking and discussing relevant issues; discussing ideas and exchanging knowledge. We always look for foundations and arguments of valuable new visions and always learn from experts in different areas. That’s how we form as individuals and now as entrepreneurs,”
states Sergio Ionele Povea Sáez.

Thus, the vision of his team at Clouli is to connect people to a knowledge based environment and be the premiere place online where everyone can learn what they want and the way that best suits them.

In addition to being a social network for academic exchanges, Clouli will also offer a virtual store of educational resources, powerful e-learning tools and an online collaboration tool for users of this new dynamic social network.

Clouli was one of the regional finalists in the event of Chilean venture Sub35 version 2011.

Emerson Likanleo and Mauricio Mendoza Diaz in Clouli's Temuco, Chile office

Meet and Connect With the Clouli Team

Based in an office in the city of Temuco, the capital of the Araucania Region IX, Clouli currently employs 10 people. As Clouli recently opened for subscriptions while they prepare to launch the Private Beta of the service during the first half 2012, they are working around the clock to help make IT happen for Chile!

Sergio Povea Sáez, CEO ( LinkedIn / Twitter )

Emerson Marin, Co- Founder ( LinkedIn / Twitter )

Mauricio Mendoza Diaz, CTO ( LinkedIn )

Cristian Campos Sanhueza, Director of Design

Dilip Ramírez R., Design User Interface ( LinkedIn )

Gabriel Cifuentes, Programmer

Andro Lindsay, Director and Board Member ( LinkedIn / Twitter )


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