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WeHackIt! founder Diego Araos being interviewed by Hermione Way [Video]

It’s February 18th, 2012, 10 am or is it 10 pm??? Regardless of the time, Hermione Way (TheNextWeb reporter & video director) senses a fresh spirit at The Hatchery building (San Francisco, CA).

She decides to start the dialogue (applying her British accent strategy) and after a couple of words, she detects a different frequency of entrepreneurs.


Without knowing it, she’s the first reporter experiencing the AndesBeat.

After a couple of minutes of engaging with Chile’s Geek Fantasy Camp startups she finds someone who gets her nerdy love & attention for startups (the same we share at AndesBeat). The name of the guy is none other than Diego AraosWeHackIt! Founder with an unrelentless passion to bring hackathon’s experience into a web reality (Araos latest hacks were Joystick.js &

What was the synergy of the moment?

See for yourself…..


Just give us a quick elevator pitch!

With WeHackIt! I want to connect developers and designers all around the world in order to let them create online hackathons and participate for prizes or just for fun to create new technology

So….. Anybody can setup hackathons?

We’re hearing the outsource of dev markets is massive! [Marcelo Diaz Bowen, IncubaUC Executive Director crashes the video and waves hello] Companies can see this as an outsource and this would be a good exchange platform for them..

Anyone, anytime can create a Hackathon and participate. You just need to subscribe and start hacking with us, says Diego Araos.

What’s the startup scene in Chile (generally)? What kind of startups are coming out of Chile?
is it mobile, it is dev or a complete mix, asks Hermione..

I have seen a complete mix of them. But they are mainly focused in web startups….but I’ve seen many mobile applications as well. One of my friends are creating a really nice application called and also there’s another one from this guy Jordan Sitkin called Decurate. Finally Propiedad Facil (PropertySimple), which is related with a property management system. You have to check it out as well.



Interview Credits: Hermione Way