Who’s the winner of WeHackIt! first Online Hackathon?

Between Feb 24th and Feb 26th, Gimmie World decided to run and sponsor the first WeHackIt! Online Hackathon and three projects accepted the challenge: 48 hours to develop an iOS game.

The prize: Xbox360 + mentoring with Jason Citron (Openfeint founder) and Roy Liu (lead mobile dev for Plants v Zombies) + chance to present their game live (or virtually) to the entire audience at the Pre GDC Mobile Mixer.

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WeHackIt! founder Diego Araos being interviewed by Hermione Way [Video]

It’s February 18th, 2012, 10 am or is it 10 pm??? Regardless of the time, Hermione Way (TheNextWeb reporter & video director) senses a fresh spirit at The Hatchery building (San Francisco, CA).

She decides to start the dialogue (applying her British accent strategy) and after a couple of words, she detects a different frequency of entrepreneurs.


Without knowing it, she’s the first reporter experiencing the AndesBeat.

After a couple of minutes of engaging with Chile’s Geek Fantasy Camp startups she finds someone who gets her nerdy love & attention for startups (the same we share at AndesBeat). The name of the guy is none other than Diego AraosWeHackIt! Founder with an unrelentless passion to bring hackathon’s experience into a web reality (Araos latest hacks were Joystick.js & Friendl.ee).

What was the synergy of the moment?

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Friendl.ee ‘Sell what you like, to who you like’

Let’s say that because of your work or lifestyle, you can’t live in the same place for long periods of time. What do you do with all the stuff you bought to make your apartment look pretty??

Are you going to constantly carry all the furniture from place to place?

What if you could access a platform where you could easily sell all the temporary furniture you had for short periods of time. And better yet, what if you could use it as an easy way to sell or give away stuff on Facebook? That was what Jordan Sitkin (from Decurate) thought of two months ago at HackSantiago and Friendl.ee (originally named Fribble) was born.

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Meet Diego Araos, the winner of Geekli.st sponsored Hackathon, Santiago, Chile (Dec 2011)

A little over a month ago Geekli.st co-founders Reuben Katz and Christian Sanz visited Chile and sponsored a Hackathon organized by Lenguajes Dinámicos (Dynamic Languages) and Huevapi meetup groups.

As an open source community contributor and fervient enthusiast in bleeding edge tech, in my inaugural post I decided to cover the story behind the team that won, and also, give them props for developing in Node.js.

There were  a lot of developers in the hackathon, however, only three teams decided to accept the challenge and try to build something with Node.js in three hours.

Hackathon’s winning team designed a joystick app in Node.js.  The team members included Diego AraosIgnacio Baixas and Jaime Bunzli. Diego was the random winner of an iPad 2 giveaway. I interviewed him to get more insights about their project in the Hackathon. Continue reading