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Aurus Capital ‘Taggify’ US$750k

As reported by Andrea Hartung yesterday (via La Tercera), Taggify, which allows publishers to monetize their website through relevant ads in text, images and videos, has received a US $750k investment from Aurus Capital.


Tiburcio de la Carcova played his major role (as advisor) in this game when he introduced Gustavo Bessone (Taggify CEO and co-founder) to Raimundo Cerda (Aurus Managing Partner).

Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Taggify arrived to Santiago, Chile in 2011, as they were selected in the first round of Start-Up Chile program. Taggify initially started as a service to monetize image content. While in Chile, they were working in the development of more products such as Linkify, Vidiofy and Suggestify respectively.

"Here we are, to innovate, change the world, and make a huge success!" says Taggify Team in their Facebook fanpage account

Taggify’s new funding will help them in their mission to expand worldwide, where they’re not alone as you might be wondering about their competition. Stipple is another alternative that allow publishers to add interactive tags to images, while Veenome does the same but for videos. All of these tools are great resources for publishers, retailers, SaaS apps to monetize their community generated content.

Venoome example

Stipple example

Stipple Image Example credits: darkpollo