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Andes Wines and nLink, Norway, developing wine lifestyle apps

(Santiago, Chile) – Chilean wine marketing and strategy firm Andes Wines announced that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Norwegian web applications developer nLink, as part of its most recent spin-off project “WineAmix: Digital Laboratory”.

The Digital Laboratory’s main objective is to fuel innovation in the winemaking, food, tourism, and entertainment businesses with the use of digital tools. For this purpose, it will offer a custom-made service in the design and implementation of digital tools to improve customer relationship management initiatives, as well as generate and/or increase sales using the Web as a tool.

Through this alliance, Andes Wines and nLink will work together to develop and deliver high definition web applications starting with an interactive “wine-quiz,” a game platform that will bring together winemakers and consumers in 15 countries.

Halvor Gregusson, Founder of nLink said:

“This partnership combines two successful industries in the San Francisco region. The wine industry can leverage from the market communication provided by well designed wine apps. In return, tech-consumers will gladly spread the word about their new app when they find good tasting wine in their physical mailbox. Working with Andes Wines, which possess the logistics for branding and exporting wine, is a vital part in the future of Worth of Mouth marketing.”

Meanwhile, the companies have jointly begun to search for investment partners in Silicon Valley and San Francisco in order to raise around US$ 2 million in start-up capital.

Rafael Lopez from, Max Morales from Andes Wines and Halvor Gregusson from nLink, Norway, on the night they started their alliance

Andes Wines’ spin-off emerges as a result of the firm’s ten years of experience in the international markets after becoming the first wine marketing firm in South America, with an office in Santiago led by the company’s CEO Maximiliano Morales.

“We are currently making US$ 1 million in gross sales through our wine, beer and gourmet products sales, which motivated us to set up this ‘spin off’ due to our knowhow in selling, marketing and promoting Chilean wine abroad,” said Morales from Andes Wines”, CEO Morales said.

The agreement was signed in December in San Francisco, California in parallel to Morales’ participation in a two-week Silicon Valley Immersion Program California, at the University of San Francisco, after being awarded a grant by Chilean economic development agency Corfo- Innova Bío Bío.

Max Morales Receives Wine Diploma from San Francisco University

Press Release Courtesy: Andes Wines

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