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Meet AndesMade Advisor: Peter Corbett

AndesBeat is proud to announce Peter Corbett from iStrategy Labs as our next confirmed AndesMade mentor.

He will be working with our international advisory team for our forthcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to support Chilean startup founders and tech entrepreneurs rapid prototype and quickly get ideas into the marketplace with their bootstrapping mode on.

Our beta group launches, 26 May, 2012!

(You can follow our running list with  newly named mentors here!)

Peter Corbett is the CEO and founder of Washington, DC based iStrategy Labs. Aside from bootstrapping his company (that he founded after being laid off during the U.S. recession) to $10 million USD in revenues (in about the course of 3 years), he has a looooong ass list of accomplishments and successes, way too many to name here.

But on the short, super fun and super crazy list is hacking a 1939 vintage GE refridgerator filled with beer powered by foursquare…..

….making a tweeting cake for a Ford launch party and organizing the largest technology meetup (1,100+ people) in my hometown of Washington, DC!!! Without a doubt, the boy’s company is simply off the chain. And we are extremely proud to call him one of our own as he makes his Latin America debut via the work of AndesBeat and AndesMade.

It’s all about the culture!

Having said that, although there are a ton of things that he could advise us on and come to Chile and speak about and support us with, I think the most invaluable asset he has is his expertise in terms of the ‘culture’ that he has created within his company and Washington, DC’s greater technology, social and creative communities. Whether it is traveling with his entire staff to SXSW, a companywide retreat or another country he definitely is on point. And that is what he will support us with in Chile.


iStrategy Labs was the social marketing agency selected to engage the greater community for the SweetLife Festival

Who is Peter Corbett?

There is no simple way to describe Peter or iStrategy Labs.

He is a personal friend, whom I originally met through a group called National Maritime Heritage  Foundation (DC) where we both served on the Advisory Board for Kids Set Sail. At that time I was working in the wireless industry and he was an executive for a major advertising agency, so he long had that ‘creative vibe’ going on.

Eventually he got laid off from that company at the start of the recession in the U.S. and he decided to start his own company in his mid 20’s. From the beginning he made it clear that he didn’t want to define the company that he was making. So he never really did. He just wanted to be able to use his his technical expertise, creative skills and civic advocacy and effectively do big things in a meaningful and fun way.

The rise of social machines and hybrid communities….

Today, his team of close to 20 employees strong and growing, iStrategyLabs builds online and offline movements that engage communities through CREATIVE MARKETING, experimental uses of SOCIAL MEDIA, and CIVIC INNOVATION programs of all kinds. They’re creative problem solvers and passionate producers capable of building everything from websites, to ANIMATED FILMS, to MASSIVE FESTIVALS.

We are sooooo looking forward to having the vision and magic of Peter Corbett and his team at iStrategy Labs here in South America, while helping us to build many ultra cool companies and events.


Who’s next to be announced on our International Advisory Team?

Perhaps it could be YOU!

If you are an executive level director, startup founder, developer or investor (anywhere in the world) who has an interest in connecting hands on with the Chilean and Latin American startup community in the very early stages, please consider joining our advisory team.

About AndesMade

Designed and built for impact, AndesMade was born with the objective to support all the Latin American startups (piloting in Chile) rejected for funding programs and incubators.

Participants work in a structured (but experiential) environment while leveraging collective intelligence to reposition and rebuild their ideas according to market needs.

AndesMade is not a bootcamp, accelerator or incubator.