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Meet AndesMade Advisor: Christian Limon

AndesBeat is proud to announce Christian Limon from Tapjoy as our next confirmed AndesMade mentor.

He will be working with our international advisory team for our forthcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to support Chilean startup founders and tech entrepreneurs with rapid prototyping and quickly getting their ideas into the marketplace with their bootstrapping mode on.

Our beta group launches 26 May 2012.

(You can follow our running list with newly named mentors here!)

As Chile is home to less than 100,000 developers, we have a big job at AndesMade to build awareness, education and opportunities so that we can start growing a new ecosystem of specialized and mobile apps developers.

One of the major incentives to stimulate and capture the interest of this group will obviously be exploring ways to mass distribute and monetize those apps.

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Christian Limon, the Director of Developer Partnerships at Tapjoy which recently expanded into Latin America,  is traveling all over LatAm looking for cutting edge and interesting projects and making sure they are represented in Tapjoy’s global portfolio and efforts to build more apps focused on Android.


Tapjoy is currently the largest distribution, engagement, and monetization network for mobile applications across iOS and Android. Tapjoy empowers more than 500 million mobile users who choose to watch videos, subscribe to services, install applications and participate in other types of advertisements in exchange for virtual currency they can use in their favorite apps.

As Director of Developer Partnerships Christian works with Tapjoy to grow the freemium space on iOS and Android, building out the global ecosystem for developers to better monetize and distribute their mobile applications.

Previous stops include Morgan Keegan’s tech M&A investment banking practice and SK Telecom’s US corporate development team.

Christian earned his BA from the University of Southern California (USC) and his MBA from Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation for Christian’s recent support and hospitality during the Chilean Video Game developers travels to the 2012 Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, USA.

Who’s next to be announced on our International Advisory Team?

Perhaps it could be YOU!

If you are an executive level director, startup founder, developer or investor (anywhere in the world) who has an interest in connecting hands on with the Chilean and Latin American startup community in the very early stages, please consider joining our advisory team.

About AndesMade

Designed and built for impact, AndesMade was born with the objective to support all the Latin American startups (piloting in Chile) rejected for funding programs and incubators.

Participants work in a structured (but experiential) environment while leveraging collective intelligence to reposition and rebuild their ideas according to market needs.

AndesMade is not a bootcamp, accelerator or incubator.