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Ventanilla Abierta – What’s the alternative from now on?

UDD Ventures, the first private university incubator and 3rd incubator in Santiago, as well as the 5th incubator in Chile as a whole, is proud to announce they are now an approved partner for the Subsidio Semilla de Asignación Flexible (SSAF), a fund of Innova Chile – CORFO.

The SSAF fund was created to support entrepreneurs to increase access to networks, knowledge and ways of financing at their early stage as well as provide the tools for accelerating their growth.

The Objective:

How the application process has worked up until now is that all companies interested in having their project incubated by UDD Ventures could apply whenever they wanted using the “Ventanilla Abierta”. This web platform serves as a project filter and then an internal committee selected the projects with the best capabilities of innovation.

The projects that are chosen from now going forward will be the first to have access to the SSAF fund which will provide fundings up to $60 million pesos Chileno per project.

However, important to note, August 9th will be the last chance for applying whenever you want through “Ventanilla Abierta”, because starting in September 2012, submissions will be done through the SSAF fund which will realize the nominations and set a certain period of time during which you can apply instead of having an open application process.



The focus of the next round of applications will be for projects in the medical field and will start in September. If you have an innovative, scalable and a solid entrepreneurial team..

Apply and present your project now!