Skip links launches a new booking platform for local and sustainable accomodations

Did you know there is magnetic activity in the Atacama desert that makes a van move uphill?

Have you ever taken part in a real Chilean ‘asado’, immediately making friends among complete strangers?

Have you ever crossed a large river by canopy, climbed a glacier and drank fresh glacier water?

These are about the best and craziest experiences I had when traveling around Chile, the moments that made me fall in love with this country and its people. It were these unexpected, spontaneous surprises that only local Chileans can show you. They will offer you real, authentic experiences because they know the secrets of their country that nobody else knows.

I think the most important thing I learnt about travelling is that it is not only about seeing nature, cities or tourist attractions. It’s about getting to know a new culture and, for the time of your stay, become part of it. That’s where unique experiences and even friendships are born.

The co-founders of were inspired by a similar experience.

Are you looking for an easy way to make such amazing travel experiences?

Three women noticed that there are more and more tourists much like myself, interested in getting to know culture and people of the places they visit, and realized that it is very difficult to find such offers in the internet. So they founded, an online booking platform dedicated exclusively to offering amazing accommodation in environmentally friendly hotels that are run by their owners. This allows you to find unique, authentic, and sustainable places and will allow you to get to know the traditions and culture of the places you are visiting.

More than offering just accommodation, offers an experience.

The website allows small tourism entrepreneurs the opportunity of being online and attracting new clients. Planning your next vacation with, you will be supporting the local economic development and the preservation of the environment. On, you can make easy and safe online reservations, choosing from a wide array of hotels, cabins, hostels, campsites, lodges, farms, etc.

“’s emphasis is on promoting these places internationally, allowing local entrepreneurs to reach clients globally, overcoming the technological and language barriers that would have prevented communication otherwise”,

explains Cristina Huidobro, co-founder of

Do you want to help rescuing the Patagonian forests?

In the last century, over 7.5 million acres of forest have burnt down in Patagonia. When I went there, seeing impressive glaciers and national parks, I passed these enormous fields of dead trees, which was really sad and shocking.

This is why Destinalo is supporting the Reforest Patagonia project.

With every 10 people signing up at, they will plant 1 tree in the Patagonia and help to rebuild this wonderful nature to provide a unique travel experience to future generations, too.

Give it a try now!

And be prepared to spend you next vacation in Chile, supporting the economy and nature of the region, having the time of your life and making new experiences you’ll never forget!