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Mindscore app lands major endorsement for new band rehearsal room feature

The Mindscore App, which was recently endorsed by Dream Theater’s keyboard player, Jordan Rudess, just released its 2.0 version, opening a whole new world of possibilities to its users and becoming, another essential tool for the creative process and the band’s self-management.

Since we first covered this cool and creative music startup about one year ago here on, we are proud to report they are enjoying slow and steady grow, with more than 12,000 downloads of the Mindscore app to date. And even better news, the award-winning app MindScore has recently launched their second version bringing awesome new features including a virtual rehearsal room.

“I like how Mindscore feels, it’s very friendly.” 

– Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater’s Keyboard Player

Launched March 26, 2013, the brand new version of the Chilean app, Mindscore, is now available in Apple’s App Store. This virtual platform is aimed at professional and amateur musicians which enhances their creative processes among the bandmates and consequently, the band’s self management. You can download the app for free for iPhone, iPod and iPad.


What’s new in Mindscore 2.0?

The main features of the new Mindscore version include the option to directly record multitrack demos on the mobile device, manage compositions stored in the cloud across multiple platforms which allow the band work collaboratively in their songs and from distance. The mobile application can be compared with a mini recording studio where you can record musical ideas no matter where you are. This feature allows you to record or compose an audio track using any virtual instrument that is built in the app.

Mindscore Screenshot

Store Your Compositions

Additionally, Mindscore app is a virtual cloud platform which enables, in a very organized way, to store all the compositions and rough cuts and to access them using a user profile at any Apple device or from your computer in

Virtual Rehearsal Room

Here you can listen to the tracks and write comments about them. As well, it is a virtual rehearsal room that enhances the creative process because it has the option to share musical ideas and improve them among the bandmates through the
cloud allowing musicians to create new tracks in the mobile application, listen to them and write comments on Mindscore’s website no matter if the band is running out of time or if the distance is too long among them.

This is why Mindscore is intended to be an essential tool to encourage creative process, collaboration while composing, and time optimization as for bands as for soloists who do often not have the time nor the resources for their music projects.

DropBox Integration

To provide a better experience to users, the new update, which is ready and prompt for release, includes integration with Dropbox where you can import audio files from the cloud, and integration with Facebook that makes the users registration easier.


Expanded Plans

To download it and learn how to use it is free but to make the most of its features, you can pay monthly plans. The Solo Plan, US $10, gives you access to 3 GB of cloud storage plus the option to manage your compositions on the web platform and the Professional Plan, US $20, gives you unlimited space to save and store your creations plus the option of sharing them with your bandmates. Both of them have a free trial period for the first 30 days and they can be paid using the Paypal system or directly through Apple’s purchasing system from the same app.

About Mindscore

Mindscore was an idea that became a start-up mainly from the passion of music and the desire of improving the process of collective creation for the better. The Mindscore team has extensive experience in the self-management work that a band’s formation involves.

The MindScore application has been validated by local and international musicians, among them is the virtuoso keyboardist and well-known musician, Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater’s keyboardist.

Mindscore is currently supported by Wayra, Telefónica’s incubator in Chile, and Chile’s Capital Semilla’s support fund, which belongs to the Chilean Government organization, CORFO.

Mindscore won the AppCircus competition at the Webprendedor event and had the opportunity to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in 2012 to show the product.

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