Dream Theater keyboardist unveils EarWizard and a chilean startup partnership

The musician partnered with Felipe Peña (founder of Mindscore) to develop EarWizard, a mobile game available in 8 languages that aims to improve your auditory memory skills (which seems to be a must install app not only for musicians, but for anyone).


The game has different levels and is a free download available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Continue reading

Mindscore app lands major endorsement for new band rehearsal room feature

The Mindscore App, which was recently endorsed by Dream Theater’s keyboard player, Jordan Rudess, just released its 2.0 version, opening a whole new world of possibilities to its users and becoming, another essential tool for the creative process and the band’s self-management.

Since we first covered this cool and creative music startup about one year ago here on AndesBeat.com, we are proud to report they are enjoying slow and steady grow, with more than 12,000 downloads of the Mindscore app to date. And even better news, the award-winning app MindScore has recently launched their second version bringing awesome new features including a virtual rehearsal room.

“I like how Mindscore feels, it’s very friendly.” 

– Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater’s Keyboard Player

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Mindscore, the composing revolution at Techcrunch Disrupt in SF!

Are you a composer? A musician?

Even though I am not really a composer, I must admit that I have attempted to write (and actually did write) a piece of music for flute or piano a few times in my life.

But what do you do when you’re for example in the metro, or with some friends and all of a sudden you have that great tune or melody in your head and you are afraid for forgetting it before you get a chance to write it down?

No worries! Since there is Mindscore, you can compose your music whenever and wherever you want – without even having an instrument at hand! Continue reading

Mindscore becomes in the favorite ‘Evernote for musicians’ mobile app

Let’s say for a minute that you’re in the music business, you have the ‘gift’ of being a music composer and usually, your mindset is composing music in the less expected moments.

However, everytime someone asks you for your songs music sheets, you say you don’t have anything, mostly, because it’s a time-consuming task and is a real pain to keep your music ideas in sync with your notebooks.

And most important for music amateurs: how many times you have got an idea for a song, but you don’t know how to write it?

Guess what???

Now your musical footprint can be mobile and Mindscore is the iPhone app that you didn’t know you have been always waiting for! Continue reading

MUSTACH: Music startups host first meeting in Santiago, Chile

Chile’s music startup scene have decided to toot their horns a little louder. Today is the inaugural meeting of MUSTACH, a new way of connecting entrepreneurs related with the music industry in Chile,  allowing them to share experiences and stay updated about local projects.

Organized by Félix Barros Ribalta (Sonic Pollen and Growly Grow cofounder), today is the first time that music startups have access to know what’s new in the local industry. The event is going to be held at 6:00pm on Café Innovo — Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins #2229, Santiago (Metro República station). Continue reading