First Seminar on Investment in Start-Ups in Chile

AndesBeat announced today that in collaboration with the Institute for Start-Ups and Investments (ISI), CORFO, Start-Up Chile, ChileGlobal Angels, Ingenería DICTUC, Onírico Eventos and Movistar, they were selected as both a co-producer and media partner for the first seminar on investment in Start-Ups in Chile.

The event will be hosted on Friday July 6, 9am to 5 pm, at Centro Movistar Innova (CMI) in Santiago, Chile and will be the first seminar of its kind, on Investment in Start-Ups in Chile. Centro Movistar Innova, Av. is located in Providencia 229, Santiago, Chile. Continue reading

Meet AndesMade Advisor: Alicia Castillo Holley

AndesBeat is extremely excited and proud to announce Alicia Castillo Holley as our first advisor and mentor for our upcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to help startup founders and tech entrepreneurs in their bootstrapping process in Chile. (You can follow our running list with  newly named mentors here!)

As we are working in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, we believed that it was very important to have a person (or a few) on our advisory network who were EXTREMELY well versed on the intricate web of organizations, people and programs in Chile.

So we dug deep. Like really deep.

And we found the incredible and lovely Ms. Alicia Castillo Holley founder of the Wealthing Group way down under, in Australia, 9 companies and 5 successful exits later.

She is indeed a national treasure (by way of Venezuela). Continue reading

Puzzle Me game pushes Chile’s first kickstarter project up to 81% crowd funded

Puzzle Me! is a family friendly board game developed by Brainstomers.

This is the first board game designed from the indie game designers who recently launched a video game design studio in Santiago.

While they are not a startup, they are the first project we found in the popular North American crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, so we just couldn’t resist giving them some AndesBeat love. Continue reading

AndesBeat and Ciencia Joven prepares Chile’s youngest startup research apprentices

This week is the Kimlu Scientific Camp (for teens) in Viña del Mar, Chile. The annual Kimlu Scientific Camp is hosted by Ciencia Joven, one of Chile’s leading science academies for young people.

Each year, Kimlu hosts 30 talented youth with high technical and scientific aptitude, from around the country to participate in their weeklong intensive program.

On January 8, 2012, Carlos Leiva (AndesBeat co-founder) and I are absolutely ecstatic to be among their distinguished speakers and furthermore to have the opportunity to mentor and work alongside Chile’s next generation of scientists/doctors and researchers. Continue reading

Techolab announces winners in its debut competition (Part 2 of 2)

Editors Note: This is Part 2 of a 2 part post. Part 1 introduces Techolab, Latin America’s Largest Open and Social Innovation Platform.


Techolab, Latin America’s largest open and social innovation network and incubator has successfully completed its first contest ‘Desafío Clave’ (Key Challenge),  sponsored by INJUV. Three winners, selected out of a pool of nearly 800 applicants, walked away with $60,000 USD each to further research and build out their respective projects.

Continue reading

World Challenge BBC and Recycla Chile logos

Recycla is a finalist on “World Challenge” contest, organized by BBC and Newsweek

This is the first time that a chilean business reach the point of being a finalist on “World Challenge” contest, organized by BBC and Newsweek.

That’s why you should now give your vote to Recycla, the tech crunch of Chile!


A few days ago, World Challenge interviewed Fernando Nilo (Recycla founder) and he provided great insights about the company… Continue reading