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First Seminar on Investment in Start-Ups in Chile

AndesBeat announced today that in collaboration with the Institute for Start-Ups and Investments (ISI), CORFO, Start-Up Chile, ChileGlobal Angels, Ingenería DICTUC, Onírico Eventos and Movistar, they were selected as both a co-producer and media partner for the first seminar on investment in Start-Ups in Chile.

The event will be hosted on Friday July 6, 9am to 5 pm, at Centro Movistar Innova (CMI) in Santiago, Chile and will be the first seminar of its kind, on Investment in Start-Ups in Chile. Centro Movistar Innova, Av. is located in Providencia 229, Santiago, Chile.

The objective of the seminar is to train Chilean investors about investment opportunities in ventures in earlier stages, emphasizing the particularities of this type of investment with high growth potential and high risk and encouraging them to take risks. Investors will have the opportunity to gain training around aspects fundamental investment in start-ups.

The day-long program covers 6 modules that range from the identification of types of assets and opportunities to the closing of the investment and monitoring. For more information, visit

Press Contacts:
Michael Waschnig: [email protected]
Guillermo Arribas: [email protected]

Participating Partners

The event will feature presentations by Alvaro Rosenblut (lawyer, partner of law firm Albagli Zaliasnik), Mauritius Thibaut (DICTUC Angel Network Manager), Juan Carlos Muñoz (Angel Investor and President of ChileGlobal Angels), Felipe Camposano (General Partner of Austral Capital) and Michael Waschnig (founder and CEO of

Key Sponsors and Co-Producers for ISI Investors Seminar in Chile

Event Details

What: Seminario de Inversión en Start-Ups
When: 6 de julio, desde las 9 AM hasta las 5 PM
Where: Centro Movistar Innova, Av. Providencia 229, Santiago



About ISIChile

The Institute for Start-Ups and Investment (ISI), a non-profit initiative sponsored by Entrepreneurs Start-Up program of CORFO Chile, in collaboration with networks of angel investors has organized a training seminar for Chilean based investors who are new to the start-up investment scene.