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Puzzle Me game pushes Chile’s first kickstarter project up to 81% crowd funded

Puzzle Me! is a family friendly board game developed by Brainstomers.

This is the first board game designed from the indie game designers who recently launched a video game design studio in Santiago.

While they are not a startup, they are the first project we found in the popular North American crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, so we just couldn’t resist giving them some AndesBeat love.

The objective of Puzzle Me! is for players to connect jigsaw puzzle-shaped pieces to build the biggest puzzle they can. During each player’s turn, they may either place a puzzle piece into their own puzzle, or they may choose to place a piece into an opponent’s puzzle to try and block that opponent’s expansion. But be careful!Making a play like this may lead to similar payback in the near future. It’s Karma!

About the Game Designer and Team

Puzzle Me! was designed by Pablo Gorigoitía who is also one of Brainstormers’ co-founders. As I was researching his background information, I realized that he is the President of VG Chile (Video Game Designers of Chile) which now explains why I thought I saw Daniel Winkler from IguanaBee of China at 0:24 seconds of the video that appears at end of this post.

The game’s logo, box, and overall brand were designed by Javiera Pradenas, Brainstormers’ Lead Graphic Designer. The remainder of the team is a diverse group of proud Chilenos and a gringo from United States, and their varied skills crossover the creative, technical and educational sectors.

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an online crowd funding solution. It allows individuals to take their creative endeavor or idea, whether that’s launching a business or producing a film, and raise money through the internet via donations.

Participants set up a project page with a video, their idea, how much they will need to produce it and what they will use their funding for. Family, friends and ‘strangers’ who dig your project can contribute online.

Kickstarter uses an ‘all or nothing’ system, meaning if the project reaches its funding goal before the designated deadline (which you determine), the money will be released to you. If you don’t raise the funds, the money is returned to the people who donated.

Kickstarter takes 5% of the funds raised, if the project is successfully funded.

What’s Next for Puzzle Me…


Money pledged by YOU and other, equally awesome people will be used for printing & distributing copies of the game, as well as for trademarks & copyrights.

Any funds raised in excess of our original goal will be used for the printing of additional copies, trade show exhibitions, and marketing materials.

As of this writing, Puzzle Me!  has raised just over $4,000 of the $5,000 USD they requested to complete their game and set up their initial sales/marketing campaign.

While they have just 11 days remaining to raise the fundingMangaCorta managed to raise more than $4,000 USD in just under 10 days. So we are sending them lots of ONDA (good vibes) as they head into the home stretch.