Startup Stock Exchange is coming to Chile!

Startup Stock Exchange is scheduled to launch in Chile on June 10, 2013. Ok, so technically they are scheduled to launch to the world. But a personal request to AndesBeat from their founding team means that they wanted to make sure the Chilean startup community doesn’t miss out on all the excitement or get the news secondhand. And we want them to know we sincerely appreciate their outreach efforts.

Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) is a regulated global marketplace for startup investing and funding. So long story short they have discovered yet another way for startups like you to raise money and attract investors (from all around the world).

Get your profiles and pitches updated folks!!!

More news and a dedicated post to follow in the next days.

La Tercera is first Chilean newspaper available on PressReader

Founded in 1950, La Tercera is one of the oldest and most highly respected newspapers in Chile. It is the first newspaper in Chile and one of the first in South America that is available on the PressReader app.

PressReader is the world’s largest digital newspaper kiosk bringing over 2,300 digital newspaper publications to users’ tablet or smartphone!

The application is easily-navigated, user-friendliness and highly useful for all smartphone and tablet users, as well as newspaper junkies, travellers, expats, business professionals, lawyers and moms who are often on the go.

It allows users to read publications where ever they are in the world with a simple touch on their mobile device. Continue reading

PayPal, Multicaja enable Chile’s growing SMB’s to do business with the world

Programs such as internationally recognized Start-Up Chile and Chile’s new portal for incorporating a business (online) in just one day is making it easier for the world to do business with Chile. While PayPal Latin America and Multicaja’s new partnership is working to make it easier for Chile to do business with the world.

Their newly launched program ‘Retiros Multicaja’ (announced April 5, 2013) will allow SMB’s in Chile to transfer money from their PayPal account and deposit it in their local bank account and withdraw it in Chilean pesos.  It also significantly expands Chilean SMB’s prospective client base as they can now accept payment from 193 countries and access 128 million consumers who might be able to benefit from their product or service.

While this news may not seem ‘exceptional’ for most businesses especially those in North America or Europe, this is a very big deal and ‘win’ especially for emerging economies in Latin America.

Cross-border transactions are tough, especially when an emerging market is involved, regardless of whether the transactions are initiated from within or outside. Using credit and debit cards online is too risky for many buyers in developed markets such as U.S. and UK, and it is even more so in emerging markets where online fraud is much more common. PayPal comes in handy with its buyer protection which is typically much more user-friendly than dealing with card issuers and merchants. 

-Terry Xie, Mercartor Advisory Group

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Chile launches one day business incorporation online portal

One day incorporation in Chile is now possible online per official news published on the Chilean Ministry of Economy today. Further reinforcing the Chilean government’s commitment to making Chile’s SMB community more globally competent, the one day incorporation platform went live less than one month after the announcement of the PayPal & Multicaja partnership, which opens access to 123 million prospective clients in 190 countries.

Chile’s new online portal will now allow users to start a company in a single day, easily and free. The procedure is done electronically through this web portal under the Ministry of Economy. They have also simplified the process for those wanting to dissolve a business, which in the past was unfavorably looked upon and thus a difficult process for many. Continue reading

uShip has landed in LatAm…Have skills? Will Pay!

As most of our AndesBeat readership are international and looking for ways to get explore all types of opportunities in Latin America, we wanted to share this announcement with you today.

Austin, TX based uShip is aggressively expanding into Latin America and they are in search of bilingual business and/or technology savvy folks to join their team. Currently they have management and associate positions available in Brazil and Mexico among others. Continue reading

Chilean Minister of Economy, Latin America PayPal to bring major e-commerce news to Chile

Update 9 April 2013: PayPal Latin America and Multicaja, Chile will allow 50,000+ merchants in Chile, especially SMBs – that accept international payments via PayPal to withdraw their funds directly into their local bank accounts. The program called ‘Retiros Multicaja’, opens up PayPal international marketplace to Chilean e-tailers and e-commerce centric SMB’s, accessibility to 123 million potential consumers in 190 countries.

4 April 2013: Any foreign company or startup that has been trying do business in Chile would probably agree that one of the major headaches is figuring out how you are going to be able to receive payments (especially online).

While the news has not been officially announced, here’s hoping that Friday’s major announcement (here in Santiago, Chile) featuring Latin America PayPal, will set up the framework regarding simplifying online payments in Chile (and then some)!

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PlayStation launches in Chile: Job opening for Key Account Manager

Earlier this week PlayStation’s online network went live in Chile and Argentina as they continue their aggressive expansion in Latin America. Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Venezuela are the other countries currently in the roadmap of countries in the region where they will work to grow their brand and reach. Continue reading

Chile to serve as a host country for Bowei Gai’s World Startup Report

Chile is honored to be 1 of 29 host countries on Bowei Gai’s travels around the globe for his World Startup Report tour. A self-funded effort, he along with the support of fabulous people like you, will be working to create 29 startup ecosystem reports for each nation he visits. 

Accomplished young entrepreneur and founder of the World Startup Report Bowei Gai is set to land in Chile on March 6, 2013. Although he may have some idea, I don’t think he truly knows what he is in for as he prepares to travel to the end of the world, Chile, South America, during the Year of Innovation!!!

Get involved now!

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Chile Inside supports entrepreneur ecosystem!

Are you looking for an internship abroad? Do you want to learn Spanish and discover the world? Come to Chile and explore a whole new culture!

The good news: You don’t have to arrange everything yourself, because there is Chile Inside, founded in 2003 by German Marion Ruhland!

Chile Inside is an agency that promotes intercultural, linguistic and educational exchange programs. They arrange and manage personalized programs within Chile for a market of foreigners of all ages, professional backgrounds and from all countries. The most relevant services include Spanish Courses, Internships, Volunteer Work, Working Holiday, Farm Stay and the intermediation of Accommodations for foreign executives.

The cool thing is that whatever you want to experience in Chile will be organized especially for you! You tell the team of Chile Inside what you are looking for and they will do their best to make your dreams come true. Continue reading

Corazón de Chileno – Educational robotics as a state policy!

Last Friday, September 7th, the team of Robótica Educativa FRC “Corazón de Chileno®” met for a talk with the Chilean Minister of Economy, Pablo Longueira Montes who committed himself to implementing the “Robótica Educativa” (Educational Robotics) as a state policy.

This is due to the high value of this methodology for boosting innovation and national entrepreneurship within educational establishments, even more now with the upcoming year of innovation established by the government, as stated by President Piñera. Continue reading