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Mindscore becomes in the favorite ‘Evernote for musicians’ mobile app

Let’s say for a minute that you’re in the music business, you have the ‘gift’ of being a music composer and usually, your mindset is composing music in the less expected moments.

However, everytime someone asks you for your songs music sheets, you say you don’t have anything, mostly, because it’s a time-consuming task and is a real pain to keep your music ideas in sync with your notebooks.

And most important for music amateurs: how many times you have got an idea for a song, but you don’t know how to write it?

Guess what???

Now your musical footprint can be mobile and Mindscore is the iPhone app that you didn’t know you have been always waiting for!

Mindscore attractive and easy-to-use interface enhances the overall work on a score or edit a specific set of chords for one instrument.

Since making music is a social exercise which involves develop ideas, share different alternatives, explore and comment them, currently Mindscore team is busy building the next step of the app to release in the upcoming months, a digital platform for every musician who’s involved in a composition process with other bandmates or friends, anytime, anywhere.

No matter where you are, is easier to compose and share your inspiration!!

Felipe Peña (Mindscore CEO) is a keyboardist and pianist, and after playing in different music festivals, he noticed that year after year (besides composing less amount of songs), songs main structure were always kept and they were only changing in getting more chorus and small details.

Based in his own experience, Felipe’s triggered Mindscore app ideation.. wasn’t an easy task for sure..
It took him around 3 years to go from ideation to prototyping.

Traction & Awards

By March, 2011 he met Mindscore co-founders: César Rebolledo and Guillermo Barrios.

Six months later (September, 2011), iPhone app first version was released for free.

In October 2011 it won AppCircus Chile competition, becoming the mobile application that represented Chile as a nominee for the Mobile Premier Awards at Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona.

That’s why there’s no surprise in saying that immediately got traction in the music industry and the attention from local and international artists, such as C-Funk (Los Tetas Guitarist & MC) and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater keyboardist).

Mindscore: iPhone App that transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a music notebook


April has been an exciting month for Mindscore co-founders. They were selected as one of the winners of Wayra Chile 2012 competition (Telefonica incubator) and also got support from CORFO seed funding, receiving a total of $150,000 in funding this month.

Current Status & Upcoming plans

Three days ago, Mindscore Team decided to switch their App Store free business model to $1.99 in order to deliver you an iPhone app to create music scores based on chords.
In the near future, Mindscore will provide a web service to allow synchronization and collaboration between bands and musicians, along with web and mobile apps.

This year plan includes a goal to reach 3,000 bands paying a $50 annual fee (up to 3 members each band). Besides selling Mindscore in the App Store, an alternative revenue stream seems to be releasing PRO features.

Following this path, in terms of revenue, Mindscore should be able to handle $150,000 in the first year, and $600,000 by the third year.

Next time someone asks you for your music sheets, you feel tired of rewriting your scores again and again or you want to improve your band composition flow… remember that Mindscore can make it easier for you!