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Startup Dream Team is a 9-week summer program for 45 interns from all around the world with entrepreneurship aspirations.

The goal is to create a highly favorable environment for the creation of startup teams as well as a teamwork-based framework, which enables participants to discover others with similar interests and complementary skills. Continue reading

AndesBeat ‘unconferences’ TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 for South America

As most of you know, AndesBeat own Carlos Leiva aka (the ultimate co-founder boy) played an instrumental role in convincing TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 organizers to approve a Chilean Startup Pavilion which is a dedicated area where startup teams from Chile will showcase their products and services to potential investors, partners, clients and media.

Driven by AndesBeat mission along with his innate goodwill and clear vision for South America’s startup community, Carlos has been working day and night to ‘just make it ALL happen.’ And as the big day arrives on 10 September, he has given up many late nights & weekends doing what he does best – hacking an environment that will allow South American founded startups to feel fully connected to the action, regardless of where they are in the world.

His pre-event efforts have included everything from negotiating group discounts for airline tickets to supporting Chilean startups with their U.S. Embassy interviews to secure their travel visa. After getting his hands really involved with the community to engage them before, during and after the event, he saw both the enthusiasm and need to expand on AndesBeat involvement.

The outcome of that vision is the AndesBeat unconference. Continue reading

Join the Chilean Pavilion at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, September 10-12, 2012

With ‘Radar Mode On’ as usual, Co-founder boy spotted a post on TechCrunch. It talked about all the Brasilian startups that had responded to a TechCrunch call for startups to participate in TechCrunch Startup Alley. They were hoping for at least 10 startups and received a response of 75+ startup teams that wanted to participate.

So TechCrunch decided to make a Pavillion for Brasil. Then they got requests from Argentina and decided to make a Pavillion for them….so yours truly, mr. co-founder boy himself wondered – WTF?

Why doesn’t Chile have a Startup Pavillion at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012??? Continue reading

Chile’s Startup Week in Review….

Gran Chile startup founders and tech entrepreneurs! I am so proud of you. Indeed you have come along way since January 12, 2012. (Note: The week’s highlights and new contest launches follow intro).

I see you are taking your place in the world not as merely startup founders and tech entrepreneurs from Chile, but as rising global startup thought leaders launching out of Latin America; and the next generation of Angels/VC founders and philanthropists in the making.

Over recent weeks, you have been crushing all the misconceptions and beliefs that are often heard among entrepreneurial and startup circles in Latin America.

Startups and tech entrepreneurs – here’s how you are blowing IT up and making big things happen in (and for) Chile:

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Nixter Raises $100k from Chilean Angel Investors

There are ‘angels’ in Chile and they even give you money! Imagine that, jejeje. Over the past month Chilean start up Nixter has disrupted the start up ecosystem on every level in Chile.

Their team has a kick ass 16 year old programmer. We personally met him and he is off the chain!


They have a great eye for design (check out their promo video). Yes, great design could definitely be declared disruptive in Chile.

They managed to raise more than $25,000 USD from Chilean Angel investors.

And their start up has nothing to do with mining or wine. Things are a changing for sure down here at the edge of the world. Vamos Chile! Continue reading

Nixter’s nightclub mobile app startup gets VIP access again!

Nixter, the Chilean startup looking to improve your nightlife experience, and also the recent crowd favorite at Incuba’s Geek Fantasy Camp (Oct 25-29) proves that 3 times a charm! The rapidly growing startup has hit three major milestones in less than 30 days, winning a cash award plus a trip to Silicon Valley inclusive of mentorship from top startup founders and investors.

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