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HackSantiago Kicks Off Today

For all you Chileno HackerNews junkies who spend your days in the cloud and your nights in Github, this weekend is HackSantiago. This 48 hour programming marathon will take place at Co-Work, which is a modern designed coworking space based in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago. Expect to see some of the best programmers and developers in the Santiago metropolitan area showing off their design and development skills under pressure.

Launched by founders of JobConvo, Loveblip, PropiedadFacil and Picket companies, Hacksantiago is the first 48-hour hackathon in Santiago organized by Startup Chile entrepreneurs.

Q. What is Hacksantiago?

A. A marathon of programming!

The event is geared towards developers, designers and creative people to build spectacular things in just 48 hours.  HackSantiago will be organized as a competition where teams of programmers (maximum 4 people) will have to build a useful and
innovative application.
There will be prizes for best general application and sub​​-categories such as Health, Web among others.

Q. What can you create in 48 hours?

A. Whatever you want!

Q. What should one expect?

A.  3 days. Conversations. Workshops. Lots of food and drink. 48 hours of competition, programming / hacking. Lots of fun. And above all, an unforgettable experience!

HackSantiago is organized by teams from Start-Up Chile. Entrepreneurs from Start Up Chile will be the mentors of the teams and allow them to access to their APIs. The competition will also feature talks and seminars on issues related to technology.

Want to join?

Regardless if you want to be a participant or spectator, it’s not too late! Visit the HackSantiago website to find out more about the  initiative.