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Smartbox TV aims to improve viewers experience on digital TV’s

The brainchild of Rafael Lopez, Juan Pablo Buscaglione and Humberto Lobos, Smartbox TV was created to develop interactive applications for digital television, which are integrated into three screens: TV, PC and Smart Phone. The concept is to exploit the bidirectionality that allows the new technology, developing interactions that involve the viewer and create value for operators, TV channels, brands and users.

SmartBoxTV combines the massiveness of the TV with the versatility and immediacy of the Internet to generate new business opportunities. Through the interaction between the viewer, remote control, you can choose the programming, delivering more value to the pay-TV companies. They also offer a TwitVid-application that lists the contents of Twitter with live programming.

SmartBox Team Members at Google, USA

Rafael Lopez (Civil Engineer) had been fascinated with learning more about digital television and the great potential of this new technological age. ‘It’s much more than HD, better sound: Allowing bidirectional content and it made it possible to generate interactive applications for television‘, he explains. From this he began to create ideas. He contacted his friend, Juan Pablo Buscaglione (Business Administrator) and they began to shape a business idea that could exploit the possibilities of digital TV. Then they realized they were missing specialized technology and contacted Humberto Lobos (Computer Engineer), and after months of work to define the business model and opportunities for digital television.

To date they have published more than a half dozen applications and are currently in Silicon Valley at the Plug and Play Center further developing their business and adding to the collection.

Some of their current products include:

PosTV which is an application that allows users to leave messages on the TV screen from virtually any device

TwitTV which lists the contents of the TV with comments on Twitter. With TwitTV users can discuss their favorite programs through the social network, as it streams alongside the show.

Television has changed…

Interactive TV is here to stay!


Smartbox TV Apps

Transform TV Content into interactive experiences for consumers, allowing brands to enrich the end-user experience on regular TV campaigns, increasing the engagement and brand exposure.


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