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¡CHILENOS start up Chile! ¿Cierto?

Editor’s Note: This post was inspired by Joaquín Dufeu co-founder of GiveO2.

Chileno HOMBRES….it appears that some of you have gotten a little bit caught up in the excitement of AndesBeat and don’t even know what it REALLY is (sincerely, thank you for your support)! Las mujeres Chilenas entienden todos perfecto, pero Chileno hombres…no entienden, nada, jejeje.

So this is the deal, Chilenos have been sending us referrals of startups to feature on the AndesBeat site, but they never recommend their own startup or other Chileno founded startups.

What up with that, chicos?

So I decided to write this post to share more about the inspiration and vision behind AndesBeat. Never mind my wild and crazy Castellano and extremely dark humor.  You know I love you mucho, Chilenos. Ya, listo!

CHILENOS Mira, AndesBeat was inspired by you and created for YOU, serio!

We designed and built the site as a way to showcase the tremendous and unique talent coming from this region and to show the rest of the world that your vision, your energy and your projects are on the same level as your global startup peers.

I heart Chileno Startup Rockstars, serio!

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a huge fan and VERY OUTSPOKEN supporter of Chileno startup rockstars, tech entrepreneurs and developers. I have full faith in you guys and you will always have my attention, my support and my priority above all. And whoever don’t like it….no importa…I ain’t mad-atcha.

Get in the Rhythm, po

Look at the name itself – Andes as you already know refers to the South American based mountain range. The significance is that we are seeking to feature startup stories starting from the countries that border this mountain range and eventually spread to other countries in Latin America. And Beat similar to its context in music is a way to measure the rhythm and flow of the startup vibe and energy unique to this region.

Where are Latin America’s start up thought leaders? 

They are here in Chile.

They are you.

Es verdad.

Oye! This is how Carlos summarizes everything up:

AndesBeat was created to close the gap between the Latin American startup market with the English startup market and to connect (until now) these two different worlds.

See and Be Seen, weones

As we are working to ‘cover the uncovered stories‘, we don’t care what part of the country you are located or what phase your project is in (from pre-launch mode to fully developed) if you are a startup, we would be absolutely ecstatic to hear from you and give you some coverage on the site.

In our first month, 549 cities from 5 continents around the world were introduced to the world of AndesBeat and our traffic in Silicon Valley, Washington, DC and Europe continues to increase daily.

We have already had a few stories rock the homepage of HackerNews, a story get picked up by PulsoSocial and some requests from other international media to republish our work. So YES you are now up there in the spotlight with the other weones you once idolized.

And finally, if I said it once I said it a million times


Chilenos start up Chile.

In order for the ecosystem to grow and evolve, you need to have a strong presence and voice in everything that is happening here in Chile.


We are waiting for  you… altiro!