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Nixter CEO: “We Made it to Silicon Valley”

Editor’s Note: This guest post is courtesy of Francisco Sáez, Nixter CEO. In the post he shares Nixter’s experience on their first trip to Silicon Valley. The Nixter app (launching Jan 27th) for iPhone allows you to enjoy a live ranking of the best parties in real-time.


It took us like forever to get here!! God damn it!

Just for the record… We had 3 flights cancelled by American Airlines, 15 hours waiting at the airport and my bag is lost! Can you imagine it?! The CEO’s bag is lost!!

All my business cards, business suits and clothing are now lost!!

I’m not going to be the stereotypical Chilean guy that only sees the worst side of the movie.

Looking at the bright side


  • We spent one night at Marriott Santiago and ordered room service like nuts (For Free :D)
  • We spent 15 hours at the Airport BUT American Airlines gave us free passes for the VIP lounges, so we had a really good time waiting.
  • Economy tickets for traveling? COME ON! WE ARE NIXTER!… What a great experience traveling on Business Class (For Free also :D)
  • Oh damn it! We missed our shuttle from SFO International to Sunnyvale!!!!! It’s ok… American Airlines gave us a free shuttle to get us to Sunnyvale, hahah.


My bag is still lost..

..but I took out insurance (Assist Card) and I think they have to pay me $200 for the delay on getting my bag back :D

My bag is missing here

Oh snap! more thing…

Each one of us got 20k free miles for traveling…

hahaah what a great experience!

It took us like twice the time to get here…



We are about to get internet at our place, some cell phones and hold on tight for Monday...


Plug and Play Tech Center is a huge place… it’s like a mini Google office… colorful walls, lots of pictures everywhere, cool company logos and lots of flags from different countries and universities tell us we are about to have one of the greatest experiences ever.

  • Everyone here are the right people to know.
  • Everyone is working on something. Everyone is looking for help and willing to help you.
  • You can say Hi to someone and you are going to have a Hi back.
  • You can ask somebody for instructions to get somewhere and you are going to get a kind answer.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere – boys and girls wearing t-shirts of their own startups.

I see Yahoo flags, Best Buy logos, AOL buildings, Nokia offices, Google guys riding bikes….

This is heaven.