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‘Video Games Extreme Workshop 2’ kicks off today!

Today the Video Games Extreme Workshop 2, hosted by VGA (Video Game Chile) kicks off at UFSM in Valparaiso.

Organized by Video Games Chile and USM Games, the event seeks to attract and support  those who wish to learn and/or improve in game development can collaborate with professionals of the industry in the creation and development of new games. (Photo left: Daniel Winkler, Founder of Iguana Bee along with Pablo Gorigoitia of Brainstomers are the 2 main organizers of the event).

In its previous version the event gathered over 200 people, 20 new games were created, 5 people got hired by video game companies and one of the participating teams started their own company.

This year will have the support of big companies, organizations and universities that will allow the presence of guests, lecturers and international mentors as well as a broad level of coverage by different media, expecting more than 400 assistants.

How, where and when?

During the Video Games Extreme Workshop 2 participants will form teams that, with the help of a mentor (a videogame industry professional), will develop a full videogame, from its idea to the release in mobile devices or web browsers. To achieve this, they’ll work 24 hrs. straight, sharing with others like them.

The event will be from June 29th until July 1st. The first day is for conferences and technical seminars for attendees to learn methods, strategies and tools with wich to work. The next two days are focused on development.

This year, the event will be held in Valparaiso, at the Headquarters of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria.

Who will help the Video Games Extreme Workshop 2 become a reality?

Besides VG Chile and USM Games, the conference has the support of ProChile, The Ministry of Culture, Unity 3D, Scirra, Radio Iberoamericana, Glitch, among others.

Video Games Chile 'Video Games Extreme Workshop 2'

How can I participate?

The event runs today (Friday, June 29, 2012) and tomorrow (Saturday, June 30, 2012). Find more event details here: registration page