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Online education website Floqq launches in Latin America

We all want to learn something new, don’t we? So why not learn from the best?

My mom and I have a deal: She teaches me how to cook the most delicious meals of all, and in return I teach her how to use the computer and create stunning PowerPoint presentations. This way, both of us learns from the other and teaches the things he can do best. But there is a limit of what my mom and I can teach each other. Neither of us knows how to speak Chinese, for example. But there are millions of people that can, the question is: How do you find them?

For all Spanish speakers, there is Floqq, an online platform that offers a great variety of educational courses in the form of high quality videos for anyone who wants to perfect or improve any professional or personal skill via the internet. The platform launched in Latin America on March 19th offers more than 600 courses, which have a price of US$10-20, to people from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

“The skills that are demanded by the labour market constantly change and the rhythm is so fast that the traditional system of educational formation makes it almost impossible to keep-up.”  

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, co-founder and Director of Marketing of Floqq

The Idea

Floqq, the largest online course catalog in Spanish, was composed by a team of young professionals from the USA, Spain, Germany, France, Slovenia, Cuba, Russia and Chile in order to offer educational courses about the most demanded skills in today’s workforce taught by expert professionals. The user has the opportunity to create their own menu of educational formation according to their specific needs.

The idea, therefore, is the result of experiencing the problem that many young professionals face: the disconnection between the educational formation and the job. Therefore, Floqq offers a multitude of courses in the most highly demanded abilities required in today’s workforce such as Excel, Photoshop, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics. At the same time, they offer hobby courses like cooking, guitar, or different languages. And then there is another problem occurrent in Latin America: Educational systems are very expensive, and many people can’t afford a good and intense education. This is why every course offered at Floqq is set at a low price – the average cost of a course ranges from USD$10-20.

How does it work?


Professors teaching Floqq’s courses are experts in their fields who live day-to-day what they teach. The recognition each one receives comes directly from their students– this way, the best professors in each subject will be positioned transparently and not via false advertising.

The launch of Floqq was an immediate success, it counted 3,000 users during their first week of existence and, now, over 12,000 users have logged over 15,000 hours of online courses. Now, they expanded to the high-profile Latin American market with lots and lots of Spanish speakers that use the internet frequently and are keen on developing new skills and techniques. The European venture capitalists and Start-Up Chile both supported Floqq with investments to make this expansion happen.

Search for a course right now at Floqq!