‘Sell what you like, to who you like’

Let’s say that because of your work or lifestyle, you can’t live in the same place for long periods of time. What do you do with all the stuff you bought to make your apartment look pretty??

Are you going to constantly carry all the furniture from place to place?

What if you could access a platform where you could easily sell all the temporary furniture you had for short periods of time. And better yet, what if you could use it as an easy way to sell or give away stuff on Facebook? That was what Jordan Sitkin (from Decurate) thought of two months ago at HackSantiago and (originally named Fribble) was born. is a place where you can sell the things you like, to the people you like.



Who’s behind

Jordan (Friendl.lee main developer), Diego Araos, did the backend development while Jim Haas (from Picket) all the amazing design. Adrian Fisher (from PropiedadFacil) did some initial project management (and helped make sure the project went live in the hackathon), and finally, Evgeny Fadeev (from Askbot) provided practical advice and feedback.

Multinational team: Jordan (USA), Jim (USA), Adrian (USA), Evgeny (Russia), Diego (Chile)

Problem it solves?

Posting on anonymous sites can be pretty shady. People don’t always show up or worse, they show up and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

We help you keep your sales Friendlee by knowing everyone who is stopping by

Solution it provides

The site is available for anyone who wants an easy way to sell or give away stuff on Facebook.

Sales are private by default, as in just between friends, ensuring those who are concerned about safety or just want a good home for their stuff know their buyers.

Also, for those who want to reach a wider audience, sales can be made public with just one click.


At the moment they are not worried about other people in the space, they are just “having a good time” market is in the middle between tools for retailers and general purpose bulletin-board sites for end-users.

Continuous flow of nomads

This app makes sense when you have programs like StartupChile and there’s a constant flow of new people coming to the country by fixed periods of time(in this case 6 months). In someway, this app was developed by startupchile members for startupchile members to solve their own needs. That’s the spirit!

As you can see below, received some StartupChile dogfooding by Babelverse team (thanks Josef for the tip in our fanpage):

Personally, I think it would be great to see an integration between Squape (to find places to live according to your interests) and (to sell all the temporary stuff you bought to personalize your home). Both apps were developed by different teams at HackSantiago.

Are you moving soon?

  • Wanna move soon and my GF hates my red leather sofa. Seems like a good choice to get rid of my baby

    • ….’hates’ is such a strong word, but I suppose that a red leather sofa just screams ‘single Chilean start up boy’ ….and we definitely would NOT want to send that message to everyone who enters your casa, if you know what I mean, jejeej

      • Well, I think my red sofa is the lesser bad. I have a collection of Evangelion figures and a guitar with an afro wig and a hat next to my desk…

  • Thanks for the suggestion of teaming up with Squape! We need to get in touch with those guys. 

    • Actually that is a pretty good idea.

      Carlos Leiva, the matchmaker….who knew? And all this time I thought he was a #startup nerd. Guess since you found a new talent, I will have to keep him a little while longer…. sigh. jejeje

    • @facebook-801083495:disqus  write us to [email protected] and I’ll connect you with Squape guys!!